Who Really Runs Our World.

For a long time, I was confused about my place on this Earth. I wasn’t sure if there is a heaven or hell, or what the purpose of my life is. A few years ago, I was finishing school for my degree. While in between classes, me and some friends saw the light. He was masked in the form of an Insurance salesman. At the time, I couldn’t see through his physical manifestation…… but now, I am fully aware.

His Earth name is Bill McDonald. His real name remains unspoken, for if our human voice boxes were even able to make the sounds involved, anyone within earshot would burst into flames.

The Face of Divinity

Keeping Bill McDonald’s unholy fury subdued is a burden that rests with the populace of Eastern North Carolina. It has been this way since before written records.

In future posts, I will add some little known facts about Bill McDonald. If you also know the majesty and horror that is Bill McDonald, feel free to add your knowledge.

If you see him in person, be very careful. One summer day an ignorant non-Carolinian asked him “Hot enough for ya?”. Bill McDonald responded by spitting a mix of molten lava and wood screws into the man’s face.


Here goes some stuff you can read about Bill McDonald and get some bravery if you need to be strong.. or show to a child if they need to be scared straight.

Nature’s Greatest Champion and Worst Enemy

Fear and Repect, but Mostly Fear

Words Help Ease the Suffering


3 Responses to Who Really Runs Our World.

  1. JustAshley says:

    Great blog. Now if you could figure out the difference between singular or plural verbs – everything would be perfect.
    Don’t sh*t in my pond and I won’t sh*t in yours. ;) Have a nice day.

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