American List

March 25, 2011

I was talking with a friend of mine (thanks Felicia) and we decided to come up with a list of movies that every American should see at least once. People, use this list to raise your kids with. If you start with the age appropriate ones and show them to your kid as they get older, they will grow up to be awesome.

The list is not in order now and a work in progress. I’m also going to be editing it until I feel it is super awesome.


I Come Bearing Gifts

March 10, 2011

First new post in a while, but it’s awesome. Free websites to look at women in various states of undress.

In no particular order, and most of these are NSFW so don’t blame me if you get caught at work looking at tits and ass.

1. The Brazilian Bumbum** – All about Brazilian girls and their butts. *update* that site doesn’t get updated like it should, and dude has only marginal taste. All of Brazil, and we only get the super light skinned chicks with decent asses?

2. Girls in Cute Underwear – No full nudity, but its got hot chicks.

3. Ridiculously Beautiful – Mostly naked chicks. Not bad, some “artsy” photos in there. Still quite fap-worthy

There’s some free naked chicks.

**I was going to take that site off the list, but I wanted to express my outrage at dude. You can’t have something about Brazilian ass and not have a sample of all the different shades of Brazilian chick. We need to see them all, from the white looking ones, down to the rich deep chocolate ones. Women are so awesome.