Just when I thought life couldn’t be weirder…

June 16, 2009

Every time I think about some of the weird stuff that floats thru my head, I sometimes say to myself “holy shit, I might need some professional helpz”. Then I take a look at Craigslist and I feel 100% better about my mental state.

Seriously, there’s some crazy ass mofos out there and browsing Craigslist will make you feel good about how not fucked up you are.

I have picked out some choice ads, let me show you it.

Illegal Love *wtf does the roommate do with the tampons?*

A Sure Thing? *Ok yall, I’ll give this guy credit. At least he knows she puts out.

Crazy Love * they might have something in common*

ummmm? *your guess is as good as mine…. but I’m more concerned about the neighbor with the stopwatch…*

Clueless *wow. just wow. Next time somebody tries to make you feel dumb about some shit, remember this and know that no matter how slow or clueless you might feel at the time, you are not the clueless wife from this ad*

Fair Request *This might be the most normal ad. Wu-Tang makes anything reasonable.

That was good. Look at this next.


The Interwebz wins again.

June 4, 2009

Every time the internet lets me down, and serves up piles of weak ass FAIL, I lose hope, then I come across a site like this , and all faith in the power of the internetz is restored. You are a commie bastard if you don’t like explotions and boobs.