Action and Tits

July 23, 2009

Hey yall. I been gone for a bit (like anybody reads this shit). I come with gifts of awesome and win.

Ok. Let’s start with the actionz. I love fight movies. More specifically martial arts movies both old school and new. For the longest time the best ones came from the Hong Kong studios. A few years ago I saw a Thai movie called Ong Bak, and it blew me away. After a little research from myself and a member of the ACTION Team, TigerGlock, we found that Ong Bak was not an anomaly and there are some beast ass movies coming out of Thailand.

In 2008, a prettydope movie came out called Chocolate, tarring a hot and cute little Thai chick named Jija Yanin. Before I go any further, Chocolate is fucking great. I’m not going to discribe it, because I’m a lazy bastard. Read about it here, and look at this trailer for it (it’s not in English…) Oh, they do all their own stunts and you can see them get really hurt in the out takes. They get +9670 on the badass scale for that.

So, I’m dicking around on the interwebs looking for “MOAR AKSHUN!” and I came across this next movie from the cute Jija Yanin, directed by the dude who brought us Ong Bak and Tom Yum Goong, Prachya Pinkaew. It is called Raging Phoenix. Like me and most fight movies, I could give a shit about plot so don’t ask me what the fuck it’s about. This movie looks very badass to me. I can’t wait to see it. Check out Raging Phoenix:

Awesome, right? Yeah you know it’s going to be badass.

And now a website that cuts out a bunch of bullshit. Titty City. I like this. We need more sites like this, but with some more black/brown girls and nothing but tits and asses. L8r yall