IM Chat Logs of Win

I like the interwebnets. I like using IM programs to chat with people who are in other places. I have been saving IM chat logs for a while now. I will show you it.


This one is from another member of the ACTION! Team. He just found out about his job monitoring all their employees’ IM conversations. Teh Comediez

Monitored IMs

D-scorpion: i even heard they were gonna start to monitor im conversations, like save the logs and shit
D-scorpion: and then when they leave my computer i am going to turn logs off again
Haze of Carolina: damn
Haze of Carolina: wtf, are people being stupid with the IMs?
D-scorpion: its b/c overtons deals with shit tons of credit card numbers and they are worried ppl are sharing numbers over chats
D-scorpion: is what they said
D-scorpion: so dont tell anybody about those numbers i gave you
D-scorpion: you got it??
Haze of Carolina: wait. so I can’t use them to buy hookers anymore?
D-scorpion: nope, but you can still slide the expired actual credit cards you have through the hookers butt cheeks and make a cha-ching sound as you do it
Haze of Carolina: i did that one time with my debit card, and $32.00 slid out of her vagina
D-scorpion: yeah, but did you ask for cash back? b/c if the money just falls out and the camera sees your face they can track it back to you and the pimp will just get that shit back later
Haze of Carolina: no i didnt. and i kept that shit.


Werewolf Idea

Me and King Kobra of the Action Team.

Haze of Carolina (09:24:12): werewolf smashing computers and killing people
kingkobra (09:24:24): yeah thats fun
Haze of Carolina (09:24:42): just imagine it dropkicking that guy in the face/neck area repetedly
Haze of Carolina (09:25:03): and then once in slow motion
kingkobra (09:25:05): yeah…like if he just drop kicked people over desks and stuff
Haze of Carolina (09:25:11): yes!
kingkobra (09:25:33): like an mxc replay were they keep doing it over and over
Haze of Carolina (09:26:07): yes! with the sound all “bboooooossshhhhh” “ooooohhhhh nnnoooooo”
Haze of Carolina (09:26:16): *slo-mo sound effects
kingkobra (09:26:39): and strobe lights
Haze of Carolina (09:27:04): i am going to draw that when i get done with my work today
kingkobra (09:28:20): like when the werewolf goes into mega insane mode the lights go out and strobe lights kick on…and he begins his supreme drop kicks
Haze of Carolina (09:28:36): holy shit
Haze of Carolina (09:28:40): yes
Haze of Carolina (09:28:48): forever that would win
Haze of Carolina (09:29:26): im going to save this chat log. i need to remember this, so when i can make some vids, this will be one of them
kingkobra (09:29:47): and that would be good
kingkobra (09:30:05): oh and you have to have that one black guy just pump the shotgun
kingkobra (09:30:19): then time would stand still
click here for the picture I drew of the werewolf
here’s a chat between myself and Action Team member Desert Scorpion.
desertscorpion (09:08:54): fucking bacon roll up
Haze of Carolina (09:12:47): i want that bacon roll up
Haze of Carolina (09:13:13): i had a pretty good bacon weekend, but not bacon roll up good
desertscorpion (09:15:27): they weaved it like a damn tapestry, filled it with cheese and cooked it, no way that can’t be the best shit ever
Haze of Carolina (09:16:09): add some scrambled eggs in that thing
Haze of Carolina (09:18:00): how do you roll it? it seems like the scalding hot cheese and 400F bacon might hurt
desertscorpion (09:19:17): you hire sizzle manslap to come in for a day to roll these up for you in between him shitting out flank steaks
Haze of Carolina (09:19:42): who the fuck is sizzle manslap?
Haze of Carolina (09:20:16): did i miss something? he sounds like the god of beasts
Haze of Carolina (09:20:47): flank steaks are the tough cuts, right?
desertscorpion (09:24:31): i know youve seen this shit before
desertscorpion (09:24:39): its on the brawndo website
Haze of Carolina (09:24:45): no i havent
Haze of Carolina (09:25:05): omg i feel like i have cheated myself
desertscorpion (09:25:14): you have
desertscorpion (09:25:20): but now you know
desertscorpion (09:25:26): and knowing is half the battle
Haze of Carolina (09:26:03): the other half is drinking til 2+2 = bacon pie
desertscorpion (09:31:51): why don’t more things add up to equal bacon pie?
Haze of Carolina (09:32:07): because life is unfair and a bastard

3 Responses to IM Chat Logs of Win

  1. Blagu Wishgu says:

    Werewolves only know one mode… Mega Insane! This will forever be beyond fun, I must see the video!

  2. Jen says:

    How proud am I to be married to King Cobra? I want to see these werewolf supreme drop kicks. You guys are too funny!

  3. Paul says:

    Unable to see the werewolf :( mmmmmm bacon!

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