After my one post with my favorite fight scenes, I figured I would do an entire section with nothing but fights I like. I’ll type up some words for each clip. If you see a movie and want to know more about it, feel free to ask. Oh yeah, a lot of the fights are the ending fights, so ummm spoilers maybe…

Imma start off with some Jackie Chan. This is from Police Story 2. If anyone ever says Chan is soft, refer them to this clip. This is what some experts like to refer to as “Beast Mode”. He beats the shit out of these stuntmen. Take note of how Chan does it all in this one. Power, speed, acrobatics, precision, it’s all in this clip. Enjoy. NOTE: at 1:57 you will find the definition of pwned


This one is from one of the new dudes on the Martial Arts movie scene, Tony Jaa. I think the name of this movie is Ong Bak 2, but I could be wrong. I don’t own an english version, or one with subtitles, so it could be called anything. In this scene, Jaa uses Tiger Claw, Mui Thai and another Thai martial art. I watched the whole movie this clip is from, with no subtitles more than once, because it is full of raw beast action. I posted this clip becasue I couldn’t find the clip I wanted. It’s a fight thathas  a living elephant and a double backflip drop kick into a super awesome finishing move.


This is a more recent movie from Donnie Yun, Flash Point. He fights Colin Chou in this one. My one regret about the movie as a whole, not enough fighting. The fights in this movie were fucking raw badass, but so few. Anyways, it’s some dope ass MMA type choreography.


Next up, one of my favorite female action stars from the glory days of HK action, Yukari Oshima. This one is from the movie A Book of Heroes. The movie has another one of my favorites, a dude named Kurata Yoshiaki. He plays the main bad guy in this movie. Anyways, Yukari Oshima is fantasitc in this scene and it’s far from her best.


This next one is a fucking classic. At first, I was going to use a scene from Five Deadly Venoms, but decided that movie deserves it’s own post. So, I bring you this offering from the Shaw Bros. studio. The epic final fight from Flag of Iron. It’s a long scene and when I first saw this I almost went berserk because of the awesomeness of it. Notice how glorious the music gets at 4:00.


Ok, looks like I’ll need to start up a new page or something. If there are any movies you think I need to watch, lemme know in the comments, or send me a note at .


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