Getting all Political on that Ass

September 25, 2008

Here’s some stuff I have seen in the past few days. Take what you will from it. Make sure you watch this shit. I mean it. I usually don’t get all into politics and shit, but this go-round is so full of comedy and fail. It’s funny stuff, but it fuckin sucks because it’s my country that sucks balls and not some other spot on the globe.

This one is of Crazy Palin getting her weird Jesus cult to cast a spell of protection on her @ 8:40 or so(it’s a long ass video). The audio is a little out of sync.

(protection spell grants Palin +2 Vitality, +15 Defence, +6 Charisma, resist silence)

Here’s a link explaining the cult.

How much different are these religious fanatics than the Middle Eastern ones? How long before God tells one of them to become a martyr?

Here’s some more shit about that crazy cult. It’s a bunch of reading.

Third Wave of the Holy Spirit

New Apostolic Reformation

That’s enough of her. Now, why’s McCain lieing to Letterman? This is Letterman’s monolouge after McCain canceles on him right before the show saying he has to catch a plane to Washington so he can save the economy. Next on the clip is fill-in guest Kieth Oberman watching what McCain really did. A different interview.

I would put up some shit on Obama, but well….. I can’t find anything as batshit crazy as this shit.(except for Jesse Jackson wanting to melon ball Obama’s coin purse) Seriously what the fuck?

Oh, if one more Republican complains about the economy to me, I’m going to uppercut that ass. Them stupid dickholes voted the worst president this country has ever seen into office twice, and they have the nerve to complain about it now? Fuck that shit! They made their beds, and now WE have to lay in them?

Bill McDonald please help us, without killing us.


I’m not complaining

September 9, 2008

Famous chicks not wearing panties. Do they do it to get some attention? Do they do it because they like to flash the vag? Is it for publicity? Do they honestly believe that nobody is trying to get a peek up that skirt? Do they just not give a fuck? I don’t give a fuck. I really would like my job to be to travel around and take pictures of famous vagoo… or regular vags. I think it’s a great body part, and deserves a better publicist. If vagina would hire me, I would gladly run the hell outta that campain.

Do you fuckin care? You want some celeb coin slot action? I’m going to link to one. Don’t get mad when your ass gets fired like a bitch for looking at pussy while you’re supposed to be working. That’s your warning.

Meadow Soprano’s coin slot