Road Rage. This is Why

November 4, 2010

This fucking asshat is why people die in cars. Look at this sonovabitch. He’s got a book, a Kindle AND he’s talking on a fucking cellphone… driving over 60.

There are a few rare times I will use the phone in the car. One is in a traffic jam. If I’m going 2mph and the situation is not changing, then yeah, I’ll yak on the phone.

This guy though.

I often tell people about what I will do with my lottery winnings and one of the things I often mention is this: I will buy an old scrapper and a pile of bricks and keep the bricks in the car with me. I’ll also have a sign in the car that will read “GET OFF YOUR CELLPHONE WHILE DRIVING!” I’ll pull up next to said cellphone driver and show the sign. If they do not comply, I will toss a brick through their window. Of course I’ll get sued or something, but I’ll be a millionaire so, bricks for everyone!!

So people, be careful. If you see me driving in anything made in the 80’s get off your phone in the car. You’ve been warned.



Death Metal is Awesome

September 24, 2010

Yeah, that was badass. The second one is my favorite. Holy shit it kills me every time. The guy who made these, Andy Rehfeldt, is a pretty damn good musician. Props to him for these gems.

Back Again! Again.

September 21, 2010

I been super busy (lie) and not had time to put anything up here (lie). I don’t think anybody reads this shit annyways, so fuck it. I’ll do something if I feel like it.

Pedo Dragon

July 20, 2010

Neeeverending Stooooooorrrrryyyyyyyyy eeeeee eeeee eeeee (if you’ve seen it, then that’s what the song would look like typed out…)

lol Tough Luck Dragon

When Does This Come Out?!?

June 30, 2010

So, I’m scanning my usual news stuff, and I came across this freaking trailer:

Yes, that’s right. You did just see that. RZA has teamed up with some of the original Shaw Bros. Studio guys to make a tribute to the 70’s kung-fu movies that inspired many of the Wu-tang albums. From the looks of this, it seems to stay true to roots of the genre. I peed a little bit.I’m kinda surprised I didn’t see Tarantino’s name anywhere in the the trailer. His Kill Bill movies were pretty much the same thing, an homage to 70’s kung-fu movies and samurai revenge flicks.

I cannot wait to see this.


June 25, 2010

Guess Her Muff is back up people! The best game on the interwebs is back up.

Yes please

June 17, 2010

I had something planned out to type about and as I was surfing around looking for some facts and data, I came across this lovely young lady and forgot what I was looking for in the fist place…

oh sweet mercy yes please.