How Come Nobody Told Me?

Wu Wednesdays*.

How is it that I’m the last one to know (well 2nd to last, because your ass didn’t know, because if you did know, you would have told me) about this development? Anyways, every Wednesday, RZA puts a new track up on this website. It’s about 5 weeks old and the download links are not up yet.

The music streams pretty flawlessly and there were no hic-ups or stuttering on my end. Its set up like a blog and is pretty straight forward.

A free new Wu song every week. Thanks RZA!



*I hate the word Wednesday. Why the fuck is that “D” in there (not the “D” for day smartass)? Nobody says it like “Wedensday”. You don’t even pronounce the stupid “D”. If asshats can make that word Sarah Palin made up a real word, I think I should be able to have the fucking “D” taken out of Wednesday. That shit just pisses me off to no end.


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