Road Rage. This is Why

This fucking asshat is why people die in cars. Look at this sonovabitch. He’s got a book, a Kindle AND he’s talking on a fucking cellphone… driving over 60.

There are a few rare times I will use the phone in the car. One is in a traffic jam. If I’m going 2mph and the situation is not changing, then yeah, I’ll yak on the phone.

This guy though.

I often tell people about what I will do with my lottery winnings and one of the things I often mention is this: I will buy an old scrapper and a pile of bricks and keep the bricks in the car with me. I’ll also have a sign in the car that will read “GET OFF YOUR CELLPHONE WHILE DRIVING!” I’ll pull up next to said cellphone driver and show the sign. If they do not comply, I will toss a brick through their window. Of course I’ll get sued or something, but I’ll be a millionaire so, bricks for everyone!!

So people, be careful. If you see me driving in anything made in the 80’s get off your phone in the car. You’ve been warned.



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