Invincible! wtf?

I like to read this site called Cracked (click it, bitch). Its full of funny stuff, mostly well written articles and some decent videos. So a while ago I read this article called “Is Charlie Sheen Invincible?” (it’s funny as hell)

Lo and behold I come across this. “The title?” you ask. “Another one of Charlie Sheen’s cars jumps off a cliff” ANOTHER? I’m convinced. dude is undestructable and nobody gives a shit. I guess that’s how it’ll go once I become invincible. The headline will read “CarolinaHaze hit by 16 wheeler in the face, misses premier of Saw 18” and people will be like “…that dang Haze. He’s always getting hit or blown up. lol!”

Anyways, the big video game show E3 is this week. Will have more on that once I watch all the presentations.


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