Oh Man!

I like the internet. I look at it a lot and surfs it a ton. I like looking at funny pictures and videos (especially some cats doing funny shit). I was looking at this one site called Best of Craigslist and almost exploded my own spleen. Here’s a link to what I was reading click this. That’s some good stuff.


5 Responses to Oh Man!

  1. Tanya says:

    What the fuck? That is totally insane. What hetero guy has a bedazzler?

  2. carolinahaze says:

    The bedazzler is where you had issue? You do know what JO means, right?

  3. Tanya says:

    Yea I know what JO is ya freak. But who am I to comment on the jacking habits of 2 grown “hetero” men. If they wanna sword fight and call it straight thats cool too but really, what straight man do you know has a bedazzler?

  4. carolinahaze says:

    The same kind of straight man who has a JO-Bro, i.e. none.

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