This is for you, Broseph

This is a step-by-step giude for getting into .nrg .iso and any other crazy image files. This one is made specially for A!T member TigerGlock a.k.a. Young Bastard a.k.a. Niggum Smacks a.k.a. Wodie.

First go here once you get to that page, download DAEMON Tools Lite

click the circled shit on the homepage

*on the “Download” page, scroll down some to get to the DEAMON Tools Lite option.

Install DEAMON Tools. It will make a virtual drive on your PC. What that means is this: when you go to “My Computer” you will see an extra DVD drive listed like this…the underline is my virtual drive

Right-click the deamon tools icon on your toolbar and select the virtual drive

almost finished

When you highlight the virtual drive on that menu, a new set of options opens up…

last steps

Pick “Mount Image” and select your .nrg files. Once you do that, you can select the virtual drive in My Computer and access it as if you had a real CD in you CD drive. From there you can burn it to a disc or copy the actual contents to your HDD.

That should be it.


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