Movie You Need to See

I was talking about that newish movie Ninja Assasin with one of the ACTION! Team, KingKobra, and it got me to thinking about the best ninja movie I have ever seen. Keep in mind, when I say best, I mean THE BEST EVER. It’s my word so you know it’s true.

No, it’s not American Ninja or 9 Deaths of the Ninja, or Enter the Ninja or Ninja 3: The Domination* or any of those shitty dumbed down weak ninja movies. Don’t get me wrong, when I wasn’t watching hard core Shaw Bros. movies, I was at the theater watching Revenge of the Ninja or whatever hackey ninja movie that was out. But this one…. it’s the greatest of them all (until I see a better one).

The movie I speak of is Chinese Super Ninjas a.k.a. 5 Element Ninjas.

Fucking badass

I was going to post up a bunch of clips from it, but I will not. The action is too epic. I will say this; if you consider yourself to be a martial arts/ninja movie fan and you have not ever seen this movie, you fail.period.

Here’s some things that make it awesome:

1. It’s a Shaw Bros. movie.

2. It has the 5 Venoms in it.

3. Ninja teams who base their styles on 1 of 5 elements.

4. The action is out of this world.

I’ll stop at 4. I could go on, but you really need to check this out.

*I can’t front, Ninja 3: The Domination had a pretty badass set up. An evil ninja is out commiting crimes and gets shot to hell by the police. Before he dies, he sends his spirit into the body of a smokin hot(80’s) jazzersize instructor. She starts going crazy, then the ninja takes over and she starts killing the cops who originaly shot the evil ninja. It was just excecuted with the skill, precision and craftmanship of a monkey peeing into its own mouth and flinging dookey.


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  1. vanessa says:

    I haven’t been here in a while! what it is haze!

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