One of The Most Epic IMs Ever

I give you Fart Baby: The IM

Haze of Carolina (3:23:14 PM): i think i just gave this pregnant lady’s baby brain damage
kingkobra (3:23:24 PM): u farted?
Haze of Carolina (3:23:24 PM): i went into her office and farted a “had chilli at lunch” fart
kingkobra (3:23:33 PM): ew
Haze of Carolina (3:23:36 PM): it smelled like old beans and roast goat ass
kingkobra (3:24:28 PM): did she say anything?
Haze of Carolina (3:24:53 PM): no, but i think she was just afraid to open her mouth
kingkobra (3:25:03 PM): lol
Haze of Carolina (3:25:03 PM): her eyes started watering up
Haze of Carolina (3:25:16 PM): i left and closed the door behind me
kingkobra (3:25:28 PM): u my good sir…are a bastard
kingkobra (3:25:40 PM): that is something you do to people you hate
Haze of Carolina (3:26:02 PM): that’s for my co-workers. it’s a fun game we play
kingkobra (3:26:08 PM): lol
Haze of Carolina (3:26:15 PM): i do stuff to them and they get mad
kingkobra (3:26:25 PM): see how long you can stay in a room with a chili fart before you take your own life
Haze of Carolina (3:26:41 PM): lol
Haze of Carolina (3:28:23 PM): yes. i win. she sprayed herself in the face with some aerisol air freshener
kingkobra (3:29:13 PM): she might give birth to a baby that can create super farts
kingkobra (3:29:22 PM): kinda like falling in toxic waste
Haze of Carolina (3:34:20 PM): yes… or a baby that depends on farts to stay alive
kingkobra (3:34:47 PM): lol
kingkobra (3:34:51 PM): a fart breather
kingkobra (3:35:23 PM): he would need like a contraption that has a hose that runs from his but to his nostrils
Haze of Carolina (3:35:41 PM): people would have to harvest fart gas for him
Haze of Carolina (3:36:26 PM): 100s of whale and manatee asses all hooked up to fart tanks
kingkobra (3:37:09 PM): they would have a telethon for him…and people would contribute up to 100 farts
Haze of Carolina (3:38:40 PM): if he couldnt afford the tanks, he’d turn to a life of crime. instead of raping chicks, he feeds them broccoli and beans
kingkobra (3:39:26 PM): and he would recruit suicide bombers to hit the beano factories
Haze of Carolina (3:39:36 PM): lol
Haze of Carolina (3:39:52 PM): that might cause a fart holocaust
Haze of Carolina (3:40:15 PM): rot out the o-zone and send us into nuclear fart winter
kingkobra (3:40:20 PM): there would be a flatulent fallout
Haze of Carolina (3:40:24 PM): haahaa
Haze of Carolina (3:40:48 PM): the mutants wouldn’t be dangerous, they would just stink

kingkobra (3:44:22 PM): i wonder if a fart breather has gills?
kingkobra (3:44:37 PM): i kinda think of the thing from hell boy…that fish dude
Haze of Carolina (3:44:59 PM): maybe if he lives underwater he breathes shark farts
kingkobra (3:46:51 PM): and if his life of crime doesn’t pan out, he could cut a record deal by playing the butt trumpet

yes, there’s more to this one… to be continued…


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