Favorite Fights

Anyone who knows me, knows that I freaking love movies with badass fight scenes in them. I have watched some super shitty movies, because I thought there might be a badass fight in it. I have even watched foreign movies, with no subtitles, because the fights were just that awesome.

So, today I am going to post up some of my favorite fight scenes. I’ll try to list the movie and actors for all of them, but some of the foreign joints are written in that super crazy writing style that looks like 100 stick men fighting, so I’ll do my best on those.

Oh yeah, if you have any fights I should go look at, let me know.. anyways, here we go, in no particular order:

Jackie Chan vs Benny “the Jet” Urquidez from the movie Wheels on Meals. This is made way before Jackie Chan was popular in the U.S. I saw this after I saw Rumble in the Bronx, and decided that Rumble was dumbed down for American audiences.

This is the last fight from Buddhist Fist. If you consider yourself a fan of Kung-fu movies, then you should see this, if you haven’t already. It’s some old-school work from director Yuen Wu Ping. this fight is Shun-Si Yuen vs Siu Ming Tsui. The story to the movie is actually very good too.

This is the end fight from Magic Crystal. Andy Lau and Cynthia Rathrock (yes, China O’Brein from the cheesey 80’s movies) VS Richard Norton. This movie is full of super dope scenes, but I love it because of how Norton works the hell out of the Japanese Sai. Also note Rathrock’s awesome form. She uses Eagle’s Claw and Mantis Fist early in the fight. Why didn’t she beat ass like this in the China O’Brein movies?Also, Norton busts out some classic Wing Chun too.

I need to start a new site just for fights that kick ass…. or something. There’s so much badass choreography out there.

Ok, last one goes to the ladies. One of my all time favorite female martial arts stars is Yukari Oshima. This is her as the badguy fighting Moon Lee in the movie Iron Angel


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