Stuff you should look at

I like stuff. I know you like stuff too. Here is some stuff that I like. Look at it.

Listen to this while you read some stuff. It’s a song made up of sampled youTube vids of people playing music. I know that sounds weak, but it’s dope as hell, so look at it.

Listen to the Slap-Chop dude kick it ’84 style.

This stuff is so over the top, you’ll put on 10lbs just looking at the pictures

Rosario Dawson is super hot. I mean damn. I would fight 57 starrioded up gorillas just fot the chance to lightly tickle her upper ankle with a feather, while she spreads  baby oil and strawberry jam on my head and neck area with a wooden spoon.

A super dope Quentin Tarrentino mash-up.

One of the worst things I’ve seen on the interwebs today.

Feel better by looking at the epicness of these fails

Yall think I’m all tough all the time. I like cute stuff too…

Observations made in line at KFC

Best website that you better not look at while at work! (seriously, it’s NSFW at all)


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