One of the Greatest Movies Ever Made in History

We’ve all seen, or heard of Star Wars*. Well back in the day, some countries couldn’t get the real deal movie. To make up for this, they made their own versions of our movies. I started looking at a few of these foreign joints. Most of them suck ferret buttholes… Turkish Superman, Indian Superman (with Spiderwoman**?), Turkish Rambo (wait. this clip is actually badass) Turkish E.T. (holy what the fuck?!?)

There’s one other joint so fucking awesome I can’t even put it in the same post as T.Star Wars. Your computer would melt. Alls I’ll say is, Capitain America and the mexican wrestler El Santo vs Evil Spiderman. oh yes.

Anyways, if you looked at any of those links(like you should) you know what I’m talking about.

Before I Post up the vids, here’s a few spots to look for:

1:09 Spliced in clips from Original Star Wars

2:24 wtf? the Muppets and the cast from Sesme Street getting the shit beat out of them?!? (yes and it is better than anything you can imagine)

3:05 Turkish Luke starts punching heads off

3:34 Turkish Luke does battle with mummies

5:11 T. Luke fights… idunno what in the damn they are supposed to be.

6:48 Turkish Darth Vader magics his spear into huge ninja stars

There is just so much awesome jam packed into this one 10 minute scene that I’m sure I left something out. Please feel free to point out anything you think I missed. Get ready!


Here’s the training montage for this one. It’s how Turkish Luke gets so beast. It has different music. The original montage has the Raiders of the Lost Arc  theme music. I just like this one better…

That’s enough awesome for this one post. Turkish Luke Skywalker is raw beast unchained.

*If you have never seen the original Star Wars Episode IV A New Hope, I recommend seeing it. It is a good movie with lots of movie fun in it.

**Indian Spider Woman, I want to do things to/in your body while Indian Superman sings us a love song.


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