Do Yall Remember When….

I was in the laboratory cooking up million dollar ideas and I came across a box with some cassettes in it. They were mostly Pause Tapes* I made back in the day.  If you have never made a Pause Tape, you are a young’in.

Anyways, I found an old walkman that magically still worked. I spent the rest of the day listening to old tapes, and hating music today. Then I went out front and yelled at some kids to quit playing by my lawn. On the way back inside, I fell and broke my hip. It’s cool tho- I got life alert.

Enough of me typing crap. Look at this stuff and remember how good it was. Then get all your cash together and send it to me.

…… I had this on cassette and CD (when CDs came out)

OK yall. Main Source was my shit. I can’t find their joint “Snake Eyes”. It had the sample from a beer commercial at the beginning.. hrmph. I’ll just have to get my fix at home, on cassette.


I bought the cassette single to this one.

ok… that’s all for now.

*Pause Tape is what you call home made recorded tapes. The name comes from hitting pause on the blank tape while the next song is prepared. It is not a mix tape. Mix Tapes were made and mixed by DJs like Dirty Harry, DJ JUICE, DJ Screw (the king/creator of “Screw Tapes“)


One Response to Do Yall Remember When….

  1. Lena says:

    You really took it back with that!

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