Where in the World is CarolinaHaze???

ok…. I don’t know where to start… Ummmm…. well first Start Here and read that stuff.

I am a gamer. I have been playing since Atari 2600 days and I love it. So, Killzone 2 finnaly came out on the 27th of February in the year 2009. Since that day, I have been on it. Sorry to everybody I told to “leave me the hell alone for once in life, so I can have some damn fun”.

The 10 of you who read this mess I type, hold tight. Once I am bored with killing, I will get back to doing other stuff. I might even go outside for fun, and not to just get to the car so I can go resupply.

If you want to team up with me, or get shot in the face 100x send me a message. I’ll give you my PSN. I’m only 1 badge away from getting my Turret badge and getting the Repair ability. I’m ranked up to Assault class right now. I got in the top 6% of stats for all players last week. The game is still pretty new, so take that as you will.Oh… I played the single player mode for like 3 hours total, then tried the online modes, and haven’t touched the campaign since. I’ll finish the story some time…… there’s just too many dudes online waiting to get shot in the face by me.

I always aim for the face with all guns.

Edit: No messages on this blog… here’s the PSN: MechaGhidora.


2 Responses to Where in the World is CarolinaHaze???

  1. Eric says:

    Well, what’s your psn name? I don’t know how to send messages. . .

  2. carolinahaze says:

    lol @ me. Yeah, this blog doesn’t have a “send a message to the author” button… My PSN is MechaGhidora.

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