Yoga, is that what they teach in them classes?

I been away from putting up stuff for yall to look at. “Yall” being the 10 people who read this mess.

So, anyways, I was looking at some mess and I ran across this vid, and said holy crap what the hell!

{WARNING} It’s got this dude in it who stretches his body all kinds of crazy while he kicks these 2 Chinese dudes asses. He looks freaky as fuck, like nightmare freaky, so that means you have to look at it. The warning is over there, so don’t get mad if you are freaked out by his powerful yoga skills and throw up in your mouth.

This video is long as hell(for a youtube vid) almost 10mins. It’s in a crazy language too with no subtitles. If you are going to watch it, make sure you see the part with the ropes. Crazy stuff yall. Crazy stuff.

Oh yeah. Dudes are always talking about having sex with girls who are super bendy like gymnists or dancers. I think they have pretty great bodies, but on the bendy part…. not so much. I mean if a woman can lick her own stuff, what does she need you for… a spotter?… crowd support?… lol just kidding, I can think of about one million things me and a super bendy woman can do without trying hard and another million if I try. Vagina for the win!!


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