…because knowing is half the battle!

Back in the day, G.I. Joe used to kick ass. The Joes were badasses. I caught a few minutes of the garbage that they pass off as G.I. Joe now. I died a little inside. It was straight trash. Now that I think about it, cartoons suck balls now. The only decent ones I have seen are on late nights on Cartoon Network, and they are not for kids. The bile that comes on Saturday morning is painful to watch.

Anyways, I’m going to post up my favorite part of the 80’s G.I. Joe cartoon, the PSAs at the end. They taught us stuff we needed to know. 80’s babies were 100x tougher than kids these days. The Joes knew this. They also knew that we would only listen to cartoons.

The PSAs had stuff like;how to fix a bloody nose, what to do if you were walking on a frozen pond and the ice broke, how not to get bitten by wild neighborhood dogs (omg yall, if one more kid gets eaten by a stray dog, I’ll flip out! Parents, tell your kids if they see a stray, go inside. PERIOD.No questions), what to do if theres a fire… stuff like that.

I have searched the interwebz to bring you a collection of the more useful G.I. Joe PSAs. Look, listen and learn.

Thank you internets. (^.^)


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