Whatchuu Lookin for?

I was just recently exploring the little stats and shit this WordPress thing lets me keep track of. Very funny stuff. Folks out there who stumble upon my little blog and shit, I know who you are. More important, I know what you are googlin’. Man I thought I was a nasty bastard.

The following is a list of search terms that people googled that somehow led them to CarolinaHaze. I saw somebody else do a search list, so don’t credit me with any originality. After reading that, if you want to still give me credit, then go right ahead.

brooklyn sudano
top 10 2008 xobx 360 games
play dude
casual tits
“stacy dash”
dash playboy
stacy dash playboy
dope tits
rudy damn
obama girl tits
keisha knight pulliam tits
“brooklyn sudano”
really good games for 360
xobx 360 vs ps3
sexy stacey dash
“keisha knight pulliam”
stacy dash pictures
mixed race tits
who farts most men or women
mcdonald tits
down tits
stacy dash ass
ninja tits
skeet tits
how do i treat farting
stacey dash playboy
cheap whores
stacey rodgers
keisha knight pulliam
obama tits
tits president
palin mccain tits
loud farting by men tits spaceship

I have bolded the stuff that I am going to google later. I really want to know what casual tits are, and what they look like…. and ninja tits just sounds cool as hell/sexy/dangerous. I’ll bet me having the word “tits” like a bunch of timeS here puts this up on the google search thing that finds words that you type. tits

UPDATE: Somebody out there got to this site by googling “jacket made of dolphin skin”. Holy shit. Has Bill McDonald learned to use the interwebs? Is that from my twin that got separated at birth? It makes me feel good to know that someone else out there is thinking about jackets made out of dolphin skins.


2 Responses to Whatchuu Lookin for?

  1. How do you find out how they reached here? I found you through SBTVC.com

    Funny blog, Haze.

  2. carolinahaze says:

    There’s a fun feature of WordPress, it does some scientific interweb stuff, and makes a list. Other than that, Idunno.

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