Why you don’t ask……

skeet skeet skeet

For real tho – that shit is just for pornos. Ladies, please don’t let dudes skeet on your faces. One day you and I may meet, and I WILL ask you if you’ve ever let a guy bust on your face. Don’t lie because I’m awesome and you don’t want me to go(but if the answer is yes…. I might) Real talk, it’ll depend on your daily facial scrubbing routine and how long it’s been since the baby glue hit you in the grill. I have a set of charts and graphs detailing apropriate time and cleansing routines that I keep to myself. I don’t want any of y’all trying to sway your answers.

hhhmmm hmmmm hiiiiimm


One Response to Why you don’t ask……

  1. Greg says:

    Man that shit is hilarious. Good one… Now I know what i could be in store for.

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