The Best song in the World

People are always talking about what their favorite song is, or what they think is the best song ever. If your friends/co-workers/family say any other song besides “Yackety Sax” (by Boots Randolph), they are wrong. Yackety Sax is the greatest song penned by mortal hands (Atomic Dog by George Clinton is the greatest song ever in reality. I’m still on the fence about George Clinton being human. He’s just too damn avdanced.)

He has a spaceship that runs on Funk.

Anyways, back to Yackety Sax. It is the greatest song in the world. You can play it anywhere and it fits. At a party? Sax ’em up. Wedding? Hit’em with the Sax. At the club, trying to get crunk? YACKETY SAX!!

For real, I want this shit played at my funeral while they carry my casket out of the church. Also, I want it filmed, and then sped up, and Yackety Sax dubbed in later, so that when someone watches it, my funeral procession will look like a chase scene from Benny Hill.

Yackety Sax makes anything funny. That is why it is the best ever. Don’t believe me? Look at this shit:

and this …… even crappy remakes

I love me some fuckin’ Yackety Sax, bitches.

It even makes a bunch of regular dudes tiling a roof watchable

Was the Passion of the Christ a tough movie for you to watch? Was it a bit too graphic for you? Well just toss in some Yackety Sax!!!11!!!!!!!111!!11oneoneone!!11eleventyone11!1



7 Responses to The Best song in the World

  1. crampon says:

    you are going to hell for the last video.

  2. carolinahaze says:

    As long as Yackety Sax is played during my march through the underworld, I’ll be O.K.

  3. Eric says:

    Yeah, I agree with crampon. I was done after the Passion of the Yakety Sax. Finito. And yes, Atomic Dawg could not have possibly been made by a human. Even Russians get up and dance when that song comes on and it’s a know fact that Russians hate having fun.

  4. carolinahaze says:

    I aint ‘fraid of no zombies

  5. Tanya says:

    HAZE! damn dood you really are trying to get to hell fast with that passion of the christ! im over here DYING. so i guess that means ill be following you there. wait til brock sees this shit he is gonna roll!

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