80’s all up in that ass!

I love T.V. As much shit* as I talk about T.V. now, I still love it. At one point in my T.V. watching career, I had a designated “T.V. Time” (circa ’96 ’97ish) that covered some great stuff. I don’t remember the schedule now, but it was magnificent.

I’m a product of 80’s T.V. In the 90’s is was mostly about looking at videos and playing video games, but the 80’s is where I get my T.V. love from. Look at this shit! Straight 80’s for that ass!

This is that real shit here! Knight Rider was dope, but Street Hawk was the truth. His bike didn’t talk back to him, and act like a punk ass.

Quantum Leap was dope, but before that there was this:

“Green Light Kid!!”

Last one for now, and one of my all time favorites

That’s right. This was on around the same time as Battle Star Galactica, but that was too melancholy for me. I mean damn, fighting the same dudes all the time. Buck Rodgers was out there kicking ass and boning alien chicks (like Cpt. Kirk)

If I left off your favorite 80’s show, drop me a comment and if it’s one I used to watch, I’ll put it up in the next T.V. post.

*T.V. sucks balls now. Fuck “reality” shows and weak ass game shows. The good stuff gets canceled (Arrested Development) and the shit T.V. shows keep running.


12 Responses to 80’s all up in that ass!

  1. Kevin says:

    I know it wasn’t in the 80’s, but did we ever figure out what the name of that show with Elvin from the Cosby show, Bro Man from the fif floor and the big girl from How to be a Player? I am pretty possitive that this show existed for at least 2 episodes…unless I dreamed the whole thing up.

    Dream On was the shit…and Karate Kat was pretty kick ass as well. Sonny Spoon used to come on NBC on Saturday nights around 87 or 88. Mario Van Peebles…excellent programming.

  2. HR Driver says:

    Holy shit! I feel like such an old bastard. Memories….

  3. carolinahaze says:

    Oh boy! Kev, I forgot all about Dream On! That’s going in the next 80’s post. Sonny Spoon was pretty good too. My moms used to watch that one. Karate Kat… not one of my favorites. I liked to watch Hong Kong Phooey.

    Eddie Charles ftw!
    (ever see the episode where him and Martin get in a 3 way with this hot chick?)

  4. My favorites were the Carroll Burnette Show and the greatest American hero!!

  5. carolinahaze says:

    The Great American Hero had one of the best theme songs ever in T.V.

    Good Call

  6. Kevin says:

    Off subject but I think you will appreciate where I’m going with this:


    To quote a great man I once knew: “Who got the blunts…I got a shit load of weed!!!”

  7. Kevin says:

    Yeah…the 90’s were about video games and music. The Simpsons and Seinfeld were dope…but that’s about it. Old school NHL on Sega Genesis, Madden 93 and 95 and then 97 on PS1 in the dorm, Bill Walsh (especially against Mr. Brooks), NBA Live 95, FIFA, Street Fighter 2, Tekken…those were some kick ass games. The graphics and realism are off the heez these days, but those joints were fun as fuck.

    88.1 in the early 90’s was all you needed for tunes.

  8. carolinahaze says:

    The 90’s were action packed. You have to pay for satellite radio to even come close to 88.1 now. The 90’s had me and Ant Payne as enimies, battling on the original Street Fighter arcade cabinet at the Fast Fare in North Hills.

    What do we call our stuff now? the 0’s? or the two-thousands?

  9. Kevin says:

    I think it is “this decade” for the time being.

    I forgot to include a certain game from my list of Sega Genesis classics of the 90’s. That game, which I hear is pretty good and I own, but have never played, yet I have the all time highest score, is called…

  10. carolinahaze says:

    Oh, wait. I rented that one. Eternal Champion. Have you played it yet, or rented it?

  11. Kevin says:

    I rented it, but I haven’t played it. It’s the greatest game ever. I owned it, but I took an ad out in the Ad Pack and it sold quick, because it is the greatest game ever. I won it, set all kinds of scoring records. Is it any good? Can’t say I ever played it. Are we bipolar?

  12. carolinahaze says:

    I think we have problems, that only playing Eternal Champions can fix. Have you played it yet? I bought it, beat it and then traded it in for store credit. Is it any good? I haven’t played it yet.

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