I can’t stop.

Ok. By now y’all know I love me some video games. Well, EA just made it harder for me to not love them… or something. I have NCAA College Football ’09. It is, hands down, the best football game I have ever played.

So, EA decides to add a thing they call EA Sports World. It’s an out of game website that gets info from my PS3 NCAA game, and loads it to my own EA web page. When I first heard about this feature (thanks Bones), I was like “meh… I’ll fuck with it some other time”.

I wish I had gotten on sooner. Holy shit it’s great!. It’s not the stat tracking, or the ability to upload game highlight videos straight from the gamebox to the interweb, or the different sports groups I can join.. It’s about the avatar!

so fresh. so clean.

so fresh. so clean.

OH! Look at that shit!!

To those of you who know me, that’s damn accurate, aint it?

I have only loaded one video up there so far, but that will change very soon.

So, if you’re reading this, and you have a dude/chick on EA Sports World, lemme see them.

Here’s a link to the site. I think you can create a profile without owning an EA game. You do need some form of next-gen console and an EA game to add points to your avatar. You add points by playing the game and busting up weak ass chumps.

*** You need a profile up there to look at anybody else’s profile. Even if you hate vidyah-gamez, log on so you can look at my dude. That dude fresh to death!!! ooohhhhhhh. I’ll be putting more videos soon. so fresh.

PROTIP: press buttons to make things happen


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