What’s Really Good? PS3 vs Xobx 360

I was looking for some comparisons between the Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3 on the interwebs so I could help a good friend make an important choice. Well what I found were lists of technical specs for each console that made about as much sense to me as quantum physics. What I’m going to do is list what I believe to be each system’s pros and cons.

I don’t care about GPU numbers or what ever the hell “3.2 GHz Cell Broadband Engine with PPE & SPEs” means. I’m going to list what is important to me.

game boxes

game boxes

I’m going to start off with Xbox 360.


  • It’s cheaper than the PS3.
  • It’s been on the market for longer, so it has more games available.
  • Xbox Live is a pretty decent online system for gamers both hardcore and casual
  • The Achievement system is a cool idea. You earn ranking for doing specific tasks in games. The 360 keeps track of your overall ranking for all the games you play.

That’s about all I can think of for 360 Pros. Now the Cons

  • HD-DVD lost the format war. It doesn’t seem that big of a deal now (except to those who bought HD-DVD players) Even still, 360 owners would have to buy an add-on player to even use their HD-DVDs.
  • Tons of needed add-ons. The cheapness of the 360 is offset by the need to purchase MOAR STUFF. Want to connect wirelessly? Buy the 79.99 adapter. Need to save your games? Buy the 20GB HDD.
  • You have to pay for Xbox Live online. If you don’t care about playing online with others, then don’t worry about this one, but YOU need to.
  • Red Ring of Doom. According to my internets searching, 17% of all 360s die at the hands of the Red Ring of Doom.
  • The controllers take batteries. I hate buying batteries.

Ok, there goes that. Now on to the Playstation 3


  • Everything you need to make it do everything it can is built into the console.(except it doesn’t come with HDMI cables. fucking Sony)
  • The PS3 online system is almost identical to the 360’s with one difference, it’s free.
  • Surfing the internets. The 360 does not have a web browesr, PS3 does. You can pause the game and connect to the interweb and look up porn.
  • Trophies = the PS3 equivalent to 360’s Achievements, but for free.
  • The PS3 runs Blu-ray. At first this wasn’t a big deal to me, until I read up on what the hell Blu-ray is. Mostly it’s a bunch of numbers, but Blu-ray is better. Much better.
  • If you have or have thought about getting a PSP, it just adds a whole new level to the PS3. The list of PSP-PS3 synergy could take up it’s own post.
  • I have one, and I play mad games. I also take on all challengers. (anyone with a PS3 reading this, I play Call of Duty 4, Grand Theft Auto 4, Metal Gear Solid 4, NCAA 09*, and Armored Core 4. Email or comment with your PSN, and I’ll gladly do battle)
  • Extra personal pro. The exclusive titles for the PS3 were more appealing to me than the 360 exclusives. (Metal Gear Solid 4, Gran Turismo5, and ratchet and Clank series)

Ok, the Cons

  • It’s expensive as fuck. I could have gotten 4 hookers, a large pizza, and some bubble gum for the price of the PS3. The 360 is cheaper (not including the needed add-ons)
  • The game box itself is pretty big.
  • It’s fucking expensive as hell.

There you go. Enough facts, mixed in with super biased opinion, to make a choice. But for reals, get down with the PS3, we’re waiting to start up the Dynasty.


16 Responses to What’s Really Good? PS3 vs Xobx 360

  1. so the only draw back to the PS3 is the price. Once you get over that hump you’re good to go huh?

  2. carolinahaze says:

    That’s right. It’s a steep-ass hump tho. 4 hookers is a lot. In my opinion, it’s worth it tho. I have my place set up with wireless, and the PS3 lets me watch movies and stuff(porn) I have saved on my PC hard drive. Add in the PSP remote play, and I have access to hot porn action anywhere I can get a wireless signal.

  3. Kevin says:

    I just set up a Roth IRA with all my scrilla. I will have to sell my 360 first, maybe my body as well. Can you BGC alumns give me until next weekend or so? How much is a PS3 anyway? Are mustaches encouraged or even allowed in your dynasty?

  4. carolinahaze says:

    At Gamestop or EB Games it’s 349.99 for a 40Gb PS3. I think the 20Gb PS3 is the only one without built-in wireless. Selling your body won’t get you enough, but selling your body fluids on E-bay to Japanese businessmen will.

    We’ll wait for you before we start up the dynasty.

    We have Mustache Bonus Rounds and the All Mustache All Americans (only players with proper ‘staches are eligible).

  5. Kevin says:

    Oh. I thought they were like $600.00.

  6. Eric says:

    Oh, they just announced the $400 80 GB PS3. It’ll have the same functions as the 40 GB (i.e. no fucking PS2 backwards compatibility), but still. I’m pissed, because I have the 40 gig, but I’m still happy it’s a PS3.

  7. carolinahaze says:

    Eric, what PS2 games are you fucking with? I was mad at the no backwards compatibility thing for like 2 hours, then I got my hands on Grand Theft Auto 4.

  8. Greg D. says:

    It’s on. You do battle. I came to play. Add me up on PS3. YOU CAN’T SEE ME when I have the m16 with a silencer. LITERALLY!

    PS3 Handle: mirelanski

  9. carolinahaze says:

    You will be added. The invite will be from HazeReverse. What games you fucking with? I’m on Soul Caliber 4, GTA4, CoD4(it’s been a while), NCAA 09(the football skillz are powerful), MGS4(play with no lag, but can’t host). I’ve been killing/tackling/stabbing/choking out a bunch of chumps, now it’s your turn.

  10. juan says:

    i dont know why you guys are complaining about the ps2 format compatability my friend has one that is compatible, but they look and play like crap. if you want to play ps2 buy a fukin ps2. ps2 games can not be compare to ps3. the ps3 is a better buy than xbox. of course i did buy a ps3 but also an xbox 360 for 30 dls ;) it did have the three rings of death, but microsoft has a three year warranty that fixes this problem for free

  11. carolinahaze says:

    Idunno about the other posters, but for me, there are some great classics on the PS2 that have not been remade. Also, I am a hardcore gamer. Graphics are not the only reason to play or not play a game. I still play NES and SNES games regularly, on an emulator (the FF series and Fire Pro Wrestling to name a few).

    I will also stop complaining about backwards compatability when Konami decides to release Metal Gear 2 & 3 for the PS3. Right there are two classics (IMO) for the PS3 that I want to play now.

    The PS2’s library is huge, and there are games I never got around to finishing, but I would still like to. I’m not going to buy a PS2 only to have the +5year old laser burn out after putting it through a few months of CarolinaHaze play sessions.

  12. juan says:

    i understand about playing the CLASSICS I do have several ps games (not ps2) that I play on my ps3 for example who can forget pacman,digdug and several others that are in thee namco museum disc that i have, other than that fuck ps2 ps are the classics not ps2

    • carolinahaze says:

      so… no classics on the PS2… you are just trolling now, or have been in a coma the entire PS2 era. The Grand Theft Auto (3, Vice City, San Andreas) , Final Fantasy X,XI,XII, Devil May Cray 1,3, Metal Gear Solid 2 & 3, Teken series, Black, Star Ocean 3, Guilty Gear series, Resident Evil 4, Kingdom Hearts, Ratchet & Clank…. that’s just what I could think of off the top of my head.

      kid, you’re either a bored troll, or an idiot.

  13. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4W1R0vwXkdc If you want to get your ps3 back to working condition as soon as possible.

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