I’m Tired of THEIR Shit

Ok. What in the fucking hell is the deal with people and homophones? Am I wrong in thinking that they were taught in like the 3rd and 4th grade? I will admit that I am not the greatest speller ever. I’m not even close to average. When the spell check goes down, I’m in trouble. All that aside, I know how to use the words I can spell.

Of all my travels through the interwebs, nothing pisses me off more than the misuse of the following words, and by adults no less. This is some grade school shit. Stupid bastards. People reading this, please share this shit.

THEIR – shows ownership -> That is THEIR boat.

THERE – that one is for location -> Look over THERE!

THEY’RE – this one is tricky. it is a contraction of THEY ARE -> Holy shit THEY’RE running away.

Here’s another set.

TWO – the damn number -> I have TWO dollars.

TO – can be used a few ways, most involve transition -> He went from one TO seven. or I’m going TO the strip club. Who does that belong TO?

TOO – I forget what people call it, but it’s when you have an extreme or something -> He talks TOO much. Her ass is TOO small. My wallet is TOO full of cash, and my diamond shoes are TOO tight.

One more. This one pisses me off to no end.

YOUR – shows ownership -> That’s YOUR crusty sock.

YOU’RE – another contraction! This one means YOU ARE. -> YOU’RE a sexy beast CarolinaHaze.

Folks reading this crap, do me a favor and memorize these words, and use them the right way. For fuck’s sake, please!!


9 Responses to I’m Tired of THEIR Shit

  1. Kevin says:

    Son of a bitch. Of all the days to right this…you right it on the day I am wearing crusty socks with my diamond shoes. Mother fucker.

  2. I read more than 5 words….it’s easy to mix up words especially when you are typing quickly. Eff your homophones nigga!

  3. carolinahaze says:

    Monk, counting past 5 is harder than spelling. It’s a proven fact. I took where it said “five words” out. I was going to try to count how many words are up THERE, but I forget what comes after 5…. and quit typing so damn fast all the time. Do you have to look at the keyboard when you type, or are you advanced and don’t need to look?

  4. carolinahaze says:

    Kevin, go buy a PS3. NCAA ’09 comes out next week. Me, Mitch, B, and Jamaal are going to run an online Dynasty.

  5. Kevin says:

    Dag nabbit. I still have my 360. I’m at a crossroads…I don’t know which direction to go.

  6. carolinahaze says:

    Isn’t 360 the game box that wouldn’t let you play it, because it thinks you are not a good enough gamer… or something like that? 360 thinks you suck.
    I’ll make a 360 vs PS3 post and maybe that’ll help you decide.

  7. I don’t have to look when I am typing. I eff up sometimes and miss a word here and there. I’ve tried to slow down, it’s hard!!

  8. Eric says:

    Man, I hate that too. I remember last semester in my Art History class, one of the worse problems on our term paper was people confusing “their” with “there” and vice versa. This is college and niggas are still doing that. Terrible.

  9. Your mother is a homophone.

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