All time greatness

Stacey Dash is super hot, then, now and forever. If you don’t think she is hot, you are sick in the head or blind. I have watched some VERY BAD movies because I knew she was in it. She is one of a very select few who far surpass the rating scale that is the Uppercut Meter. I would need to create at least 3 new meters to gauge her level of sexitude. Keep in mind that she is going to be 42 this year.

She’s got one sparked up in this one!!

These next few are NSFW ( Not Safe For Work).

Your supervisor may (if male):

  • get mad that his girlfriend/wife does not look like her. Take out his anger on you and fire your web surfing ass.
  • get overcome with uncontrollable lust, run to the nearest bathroom and fap(masterbate). After the fapping is over, you will get fired.
  • fire you on the spot, print out the pictures, call up some cheap whores and have shameful sex with them while they wear the printouts over their faces.

If your supervisor is a woman, you will probably have sex with her. She will be pretending that she is Stacey Dash and that you are somebody much better looking. You will most likely be fired during the sex.


2 Responses to All time greatness

  1. Eric says:

    My girlfriend is so massively gay for Stacy Dash. She told me she would go down on Stacy Dash right in front of me, and of course I didn’t complain.

  2. carolinahaze says:

    I think 92.67% of all women are gay for Stacy Dash.

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