The Reasons

I like T&A. I can’t say that I like T more than A, or A more than T. Some of my friends like one more than the other. They each have various reasons for liking one over the other. I’m not really debating anything. I’m just looking for a good reason to look at tits and ass. wait… I don’t need a reason to look at tits and ass. What I will do, is put some work safe pics T&A up here. What the hell? I’m just going to post pics of girls I want to do stuff to, or have them do stuff to me (no butthole stuff)

I don’t have any format in mind, there’s not best to worst. I’m just going to put them up here. Maybe the gods of teh interwebz will guide one of these ladies to this site, and they will read what I have written about them. My clever writing style will hypnotize them, and they will come find me***. Then I will cover their bodies in chocolate sauce and whipped cream while they read me the sports page from the Daily Reflector …

Brooklyn Sudano!!

Ok. The pics don’t have much T&A in them, but who the fuck cares, she is what sunbeams wish they glowed like. I have a very long list of things I would like to do to her, some of them involving Fun-Dip and Mike ‘n’ Ikes.

Dollicia Bryant!!!

Damn Right!!! I had thought of some clever stuff to type, but to hell with it. Just look at her!

Keisha Knight Pulliam a.k.a Rudy Huxtable

I’m sure she’s tired of people calling her Rudy. I would let her call me Rudy all night. She scores a 46.8 on the Uppercut Scale (scale will be covered in future post)

I need some alone time now. I’ll be putting up more pics of famous/not so famous ladies I want to do stuff to, and pics of T&A.

*** I am not hard to find. I gotz a map on the page.


2 Responses to The Reasons

  1. Kevin says:

    You have inspired me to try to bang my boss lady.

    “What’s a Nubian?”

  2. carolinahaze says:

    Nubia is the name for the region in Southern Egypt, along the Nile and in what is now northern Sudan. Most of Nubia is situated in Sudan with about a quarter of its territory in Egypt. In ancient times it was an independent kingdom.

    The Nubians are an ethnic group originally from northern Sudan, now inhabiting East Africa and some parts of Northeast Africa, in southern Egypt.

    In ancient times Nubians were depicted by Egyptians as having very dark skin, often shown with hooped earrings and with braided or extended hair. Ancient Nubians were famous for their vast wealth, their trade between central Africa and the lower Nile valley civilizations including Egypt, their skill and precision with the bow, their 23 letter alphabet, the use of adding deadly poison to their arrows, their great military, their advanced civilization, and their century rule over the united upper and lower Egyptian kingdoms.

    Dropping mad knowledge on that ass

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