Giant Robots = Win

To those of you who know me personally, you know about some of my dreams. For the most part, my dreams come true. I should call them goals rather than dreams. Calling them dreams makes the task or objective seem unreachable. Nothing I dream of is unreachable. I get laughed at when I express some of my goals, because people think they are impossible. They are wrong, but it’s ok for them to laugh. Some of the stuff I think of is pretty funny, and sounds impossible… at first.

After my years of writing letters, and essays, and making hundreds of art projects about the subject, it has finally happened. Someone has come one step closer to building a giant robot for me. Look at this article here. All it needs is to be built a lot bigger, and a driver’s seat.

Real quick- I just wanted to address some of my loving fans. Robot Hater number 1 and 2. You know who you are(Robot Hater #2 you know in your heart that unicorns are dumb AND stupid and nowhere as good as giant robots…and that you are not the original hater)

Now that science has come this far, all I need is $10mil to buy a team of scientists/engineers to build one of these robots for me.


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