PhotoShop is the funnest evah!!!!

photoshop-cs3.jpgI love stuff that’s funny. I am a very visual person, so one of my favorite types of funny mess is goofy pictures. Just yesterday, a good friend of mine made up a fun game using Photoshop (thanks Derelik). The game doesn’t have a name, but the rules are simple:

We both start out with the same base picture.

This was our first round picture.

Next, we both alter the image in some kind of funny way and take turns sending the results back and forth.

This is the first volley.



2nd volley



Next starter image



fun stuff.

The best part of the game is that it’s always funny.

I would like to extend an invitation to anyone who would like to participate in the game. All you need to do is:

1. Upload a starter image to a photo hosting site like Photobucket or Flicker, and post the link in the comments section here.

2. If you want me to use the picture in our next game, say so. If you want to play along too, say so.

3. If you’re playing too(feel free to use any of the starter images) , post your doctored picture in the comments, and I will do a picture in return to yours.

4.Look at the comedyz. Laugh.


6. Profit.


4 Responses to PhotoShop is the funnest evah!!!!

  1. carolinahaze says:

    Here you go, Monk.

    just think “Cut the blue wire first”

  2. Riaes says:

    omg.. good work, dude

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