Revenge of the Interwebnetz

I like to think of myself as a somewhat smart guy. I sometimes do some dumb stuff, but who doesn’t? I read books other than comic books, I watch the news, I know whats going on in the world.

As far as dumb stuff goes, I may have hit the all time low. I am going to blame it on boredom. I finished up some of my work kinda early, and had a few moments of unsupervised Hayes time. Did I do anything constructive? hahaha! Of course not! I just spent about an hour and a half looking at a cat play with it’s own butthole. Then there was a link on the same page that went to a monkey throwing poop at people in India (it might not have been India, but that’s what it looked like to me).

I have to retract my statement from earlier. That was not dumb stuff, nor was it an all time low. I may have just had one of the most creative and random goof-off sessions ever. If I were to list some of the things I looked at in the past few hours, I might be pleased.(that also sounds like a fun way to extend the powerful goof-off session)

So in no particular order, unless stated, here are some of the things I have looked at today:

  • cat playing with own butthole
  • monkey throwing crap
  • Brittany Spears BABY-TOSS game
  • pirates vs ninjas- (online survey of who would win)
  • a game where I had to make my guy punch a donkey on the nuts faster than a hillbilly
  • hoes in socks
  • a site about Mexicans who want to take California back from white people
  • a zoo keeper who’s head gets stuck up an elephant’s butthole

This list is just what I can remember off the top of my head right now. I’m sure when I’m talking to somebody about something ‘important’ one of the other random things I was looking at will pop into my head, and I will lose my place in said conversation. Oh well. I also pose a question to whoever is reading this now… Why are animal-butt jokes and video clips so damn funny?


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