Boobs and Me

I have been thinking for a while about something. I may need some help. Here’s how I got started. It is raining today and not everyone has an umbrella or a jacket, so some people are going to get wet. I was sitting around a hallway looking at people come into and leave the building. Seeing as how the day started off pretty decent, it’s understandable that some folks didn’t have an anti-rain device or outer covering.

So as I am standing around, I was looking at some of the women who had gotten wet. I wasn’t actually looking at the whole woman, but just one area in particular….. Yes that’s right, the chest. I was captivated. I couldn’t look away… I began to think that I was sick in the head, but I glanced up from one chest and saw a three other guys doing the same thing as me. What is it about women’s breasts that are so captivating? I mean any time there is cleavage, I HAVE to look. Even if the woman is the meanest ugliest person, if there’s a lil bit showin’… I’ll look. But why? I don’t know.

I figured that if I posted this question, someone with some schooling behind the answer would help me out. Or someone might have seen one of thoes specials on Discovery and can say “..and it’s because of this, so looking at boobs is a-o-k”
Please someone, help me justify looking at breasts, both naked and covered… and slightly covered.


One Response to Boobs and Me

  1. Greg D. says:

    When you get a definitive answer…please let me know. I get boob drunk too.

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